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Personal Cresa

  • Educatori

Eugenia Dobrescu - Educator grupa Baby Bees Flavia Moscu - Trainer socio-educativ
Ramona Chirita - Educator Maria Mitu - Asistent Educator grupa Toddler Running Bees
Mihaela Margaritoiu - Infirmiera grupa Baby Bees


Ioana Codirla - Infirmiera Adriana Curelea - Infirmiera grupa Baby Bees

Programe optionale – Profesori colaboratori


  • Little Gym

  • Profesor Elena Palaga

Elena Palaga - Profesor Little Gym


  • Musical Bees “Learn with music”

  • Profesor Dana Toma / Raluca


  • Psiholog psihopedagog

Monica Radu - Psiholog psihopedagog
  • Medic si asistent medical

Liliana Tiganus - Asistent medical
  • Bucatari

Rodica Constantinescu - Bucatareasa
  • Ingrijitoare

  • Sofer

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